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Guardians of the Galaxy #1

A cool origin story that came out a bit late

This is probably the best way that i could describe this comic, as a fairly recent addition to the Guardians band wagon i felt it my obligation to pick up this book, and to be honest it wasn't that bad, in fact i would say that it was good. What you get when you grab this book is a series of short stories for each of the Guardians that has a "getting the band back together" feel to it, that for some of the characters shows us their motivations for joining up with Quill and for others, namely our favorite raccoon who isn't a raccoon, gives us a little taste of threads that may be addressed in the main Guardians title. The artwork duties on this book are shared between three different artists, however i didn't find it jarring in this case as Michael Avon Oeming art for Drax suited the rough brawler, Ming Doyle just draws a beautifully ferocious raccoon and Michael Del Mundo captures wonderful expression out of Groot and the beauty of Gamora. The bottom line is if your a Guardians fan who is getting the main series, if you want to fill in a bit of knowledge while having a bit of fun doing it definitely grab this book or even if you just wanna see who these guys are and what there all about you'll enjoy it too, just don't go into it thinking you'll get a whole lot of Guardians proper plot advancement. :)

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