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    Not the Best Issue yet.....

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    So my Problem with this Issue is Nothing Happened with any meaning to anything, You could Skip that Issue and still be completely Understanding the story

    The Art And Writing

    As Normal the art was fantastic, The Writing was Mediocre

    The Good and the Bad

    The Good

    • The Art (Sara Pichelli is Great)
    • The Variant Covers (They are so cool)
    • The Gamora and Maxilin the Accuser fight seen was so cool
    • The Humour

    The Bad

    • The whole Gamora and Tony Stark "Romance scene" seemed unnecessary, And I mean its only 4 issues In!!!
    • It was very slow moving

    Is it worth the Read?

    • you can Easily Miss this Issue
    • If you are really Digging the Story pick it up
    • If you are Groot fan Pick it up
    • If you want to collect the whole series pick it up
    • If you Just want to get an Issue of Guardians to see what it's like don't get this one

    Thanks for Reading!!

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