Guardians of the Galaxy #30

    Guardians of the Galaxy » Guardians of the Galaxy #30 - Arguing A Called Strike released by Marvel on November 1, 1992.

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    The new creative team debuts with this issue, as the Guardians travel back to the 20th Century to attack and destroy the Badoon homeworld so that the Badoon won't be able to destroy the solar system in the 31st Century! Major Victory finds this course of action immoral, and vows to do his best to stop them. Meanwhile, Starhawk and Aleta begin their battle for the ultimate control of Starhawks body!

    We start off on board the Guardians ship, Dry-dock. The five main guardian members are present: Major victory, Charlie 27, Aleta, Starhawk and Nikki. Major Victory is being targeted by Charlie 27 and the other guardians. Due to the fact that there newest mission is to destroy the plantet Badoon. The reason for there mission is unknown, the reason why Major Victory does not want this to happen is because he has some close friends on Badoon, the other Guardians are adament on destroying the planet is because, when nikki was a young girl her planet was destroyed and nikki's family were all killed, She stood there and watched all her family be destroyed at the hands of Badoons. There mission is to travel back to the 21st century from the 31st to destroy the badoons. The Major refuses to wage war on the planet and quits from the Guardians.

    The story continues on Earth in the 31st Century, the setting is an unorthadox domed like building. Inside lies the nasty sights of five villians. One is the ever famous Rancor the rest are a small band of minnions. they are imprisoned in a small bubble like building. When in walks a mysterious man cloaked out.

    In the next scene we see a short from major victory. Breifly we see a discussion with Major Victory and his butler Jarvis. We gather from the conversation that the Major is between himself on weather to go and allow his friends to be destroyed by the Guardians or to signal the Badoons and let them know what is about to happen.

    On Board dry dock, it is time for the exit of aleta and starkawk. For an unknown reason Aleta energy form grabs a hold on Starhawk, her energy being so wild and out of control it throws the two of them into the cosmos horizon. This increases the Guardians passion to destro Badoon. During this scene we see nikki's own Reason for wanting to olbliterate Badoon.

    We are now dragged back through time to when Nikki is just a little girl. Nikki reveals all. She tells us of when she first witnessed the Furys of the Badoons. They struck her home Talon without warning or mercy. few escaped from the massacre that day. The attack seems unprovoked and left not many to survive. Men, Women and children were slaughtered in only a matter of a few hours. Her home Talon was a blazing inferno at the best of times now it is left in rubble and carnage. Nikki escaped on her Familys spacecraft in a state of panic and shock.

    In the next clip, we see Major Victory remembering the good old days, of the Early Avengers. We learn a lot about Major Victory in this scene,, He looks over his memories of The early avengers and the early Guardians of the galaxy. We learn of his obsession with captain america. And we learn a lot about him as a person,

    He is now the leader of th Guardians. He lives is the 31st century. In the avengers Mansion. He has a butler called Jarvis.He idolises the work of, Iron man, Anthony Stark. Vance has tried to emulate the work of Captain Americs from the Early Avengers.

    Looks. It is clear to see that his attire is simular to that of Captain America. Personality. his personality varies somewhat of Captain America, though very confident Vance lacks the ability to control his Emotions. He sometimes makes Rash decisions. A valient leader who wants nothing else put peace amongst the universe, but he does not always see eye to eye, with his fellow Guardians. Easily tormented, his fellow Guardians see him as a hard up person. He once quit the Guardians for a short while, (Guardians of the Galaxy / issue #30), due to the fact he didnt agree with the missions morals.

    Romance Vance's romantic life consists of his deep love of Aleta, another member of the guardians. when he quit his main reason for re-joining the guardians was the fact that he didnt want to endanger her.

    Strenghshe is a master of Leadership, also he posses some teleknenisis powers. his main strengh would have to be his ability in Unarmed combat.

    All in all.Vance is a huge contribution to the worlds abd univereses in any century. He is tactical and adverse and does not blink in the eye of danger.

    This scene finishes with him coming to the realisation that he never should have left the 31st century as there were enough problems there.

    Onboard the drydock we see the team getting ready for battle. The badoon are ready for battle. And war is nigh.

    Thousands of years in the future we see the return of captain america as he offers to lend a hand in his situation


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