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Go Krutack yourself! (Not trying to be rude!)

I was really, really excited for this series ever since it was announced and after the amazing #0.1 issue I was even more excited and I wanted to see where Bendis took the book since this book has been absent from Marvel for a few years now so Bendis has some big shoes to fill, but Bendis with Marvel Now! has produced some great work so I really shouldn’t doubt it that much.


Starlord is chatting up a girl on a planet but is interrupted by his father who tries to persuade him to become the heir of Spartax but Starlord refuses and his father says instead that no one is allowed to touch Earth even Star Lord. Gamora then appears fighting a load of Spartax Warriors.


This isn’t as good as the #0.1 but that was special it was an emotional issue retelling the origin of the leading character in this book it was going to be different compared to the actual book and proper numbering which is obviously going to focus more on action instead of emotions that’s not to say it won’t eventually but for a first issue I doubt it would pack the same type of punch as the #0.1. That may sound negative but trust me issue is really good and I’m happy with what Bendis has put together in this book as he’s created an interesting plot with plenty of potential even if it hasn’t totally taken off the ground yet. I think this probably is because this book is meant to be launched because the film is coming and this is an introduction to the characters so it has to take it’s time to do this not rush in with action but to introduce each character then the second issue it progresses the plot more which is exactly what I think will happen in this series.

Starlord continues to be the main character in this issue while he isn’t the exact focus of the book it does show other characters he still gets the most face time of all the Guardians. This does work for the book while I wanted to see more of the other characters (Groot especially as he says one line, take a guess at what it is?) I understand why the focus is on Star Lord as this book revolves around a decision his father made and how it is the springboard for this story arc.

I did like the scene at the beginning as if you think about it showed quite a lot of Starlord’s character with him flirting with a woman but then you see his difficulties with his father I liked how this scene was constructed as the Starlord focus was interesting and we do get to see interaction with his father as with what happened in the #0.1 and how Peter felt about his father I’m glad it was continued here and we do see them interact. The plot point of this issue and the whole series is that galactic empires or the leaders have agreed at least (the races are the Kree, Brood, Shiar, Anihilus and the Spartax) that Earth can’t be touched by anyone it is off limits. The reason of this isn’t explained but I think that worked to the books advantage as it adds a sense of mystery to this story and with the way the book ended this gives the impression it could have been written with personal agendas involved in this story which could definitely liven the story up a bit and I’m interested to see where the story goes next.

Also we now have a new cosmic swear word to replace I think it was “Frak” but now we have “Krutack” this is used quite a bit in this book and while it’s to smaller a detail to rate this issue on I thought it was quite funny and it’s a nice touch to the issue that Bendis added.

Iron Man makes an entrance in this issue and while I feel it’s a tiny bit off I can’t really judge it as it’s being explained in his own series why he’s here but we do get a rough idea of his reasons so it’s not really a problem.

There is a big action sequence at the end of this issue and it is nicely done showing how this team works together and what they can do in a space fight. This really once again dropping hints in this book with who the villains are and the ending definitely as mentioned before it could add a lot to the overall stories and it is a very neat twist to the book if this is true. This fight does a fantastic job of showing how different these characters are and how they basically are just a bunch of misfits that have joined together and I like how well Bendis displays the difference between the team members without it becoming forced.

The problems with this issue are that it’s a little slow overall the plot doesn’t develop that much throughout the issue but this is the first issue and this is a book launched because of the film (not totally but it is one of the reasons) so this issue provided a very nice introduction and it is very new reader friendly but still it definitely is slow.

Steve McNiven does a fantastic job on the art as usual in this issue but I did have one problem with it though on the first few pages some of the eyes are a bit odd either one eye is bigger than the other or the characters look a bit cross-eyed this is only in a few panels but it is still noticeable. The rest of the art is great though it’s very detailed and the lines are not rough at all and every character looks great. The action scenes look the best though with the one in space looking amazing and very dynamic every character looks very fluid and they look like they are moving and it looks exactly like they are in space and floating and moving about. Justin Ponsor did a great job on colours showing the colours in space and in on alien worlds very well and he produces some very vibrant colours. I’m very impressed with how Ponsor portrays light and dark areas very well in this book showing shadows beautifully.


This isn’t as good as I’d hoped but I can understand why this choice of story and pacing was chosen and overall this book is a great read and I’m not disappointed with it even if it’s not as good as I’d hoped for but this series shows great promise and I think this series will only get better (it will Neil Gaiman’s going to be co-writing it)

4 stars

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