Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

    Guardians of the Galaxy » Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1 released by Marvel on April 2013.

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    Move over Avengers...the Guardians got this.

    Star-Lord. Gamora. Drax. Rocket Raccoon. Groot. ...and the Invincible Iron Man?!

    The Marvel Universe just got bigger as the legendary cosmic epic returns in the hands of superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers, All-New X-Men) and Steve McNiven (Civil War; Old Man Logan).

    In this special prelude issue meet the man behind the Guardians: Star-Lord... and discover how this child of Earth became the leader of the rag-taggiest of teams in all the Galaxy. All setting the stage for next month's historic Guardians of the Galaxy #1. This is the start of something big, Marvel fans.


    30 years ago

    Meredith Quill is talking to someone on the phone when a spaceship flies over her house and crashes. Meredith goes over to have a look and Jason of Sparta climbs out of the ship and passes out Meredith takes him back into her house even though before he feinted he pulled a gun on her. Meredith talks to Jason when he wakes up he explains how he has been chased by the Badoon because he is heir to the throne of Spartax he then begins to fix his ship. Meredith and Jason begin a relationship with each other as they talk and Meredith helps fix Jason's ship after a while they share a kiss. In the end Jason leaves after a sad farewell with a goodbye kiss as the ship takes off and jason flies away Meredith discovers she is pregnant.

    20 years ago

    Peter Quill is ten years old now he is reading a comic but his mother takes it off him saying that it is rubbish after a short argument Meredith says how Peter looks like his father Peter gets upset about this and says that he doesn't have a father and storms off.

    Peter is talking to a friend at school but he sees a girl being bullied and goes to help her the Bully starts picking on him but Peter slaps him in the face a teacher stops him.

    Peter goes home but his mother stops him seeing a bruise on his face he goes and washes up for dinner outside the house a light appears and Meredith heads towards it thinking it is Jason of Sparta but it is the Badoon and they shoot and kill her. The Badoon enter the house and try to kill Peter but he escapes and finds a shotgun the Badoon enter the room but Peter shoots them Peter is thrown back from the force of the shot and knocks into a cupboard where he finds his father's gun he runs out of the house through a window as a space ship destroys his house believing that Peter is in it, Peter is thrown by the force of the explosion and passes out.

    Peter wakes up in hospital with a bandage around his head and one of the nurses passes him his father's gun.


    Starlord talks to Iron Man about what happened when he was a child and how his father never came to help him or his mother and how he hates him and how he will protect Earth from the Badoon. Iron man, Star lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy have a drink and fly off into space.


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    Star-Lord's Origin 0

    I've never really been interested in Guardians of the Galaxy in the past, but with a film based on the characters coming out I thought that I's try this series to see what it was like. The creative team of Brian Michael Bendis, and Steve McNiven also helped me make the final decision to get this series as I've loved their previous work.PlotMeredith Quill is visited by an alien from Spartax named J'son. Whilst they he's fixing his ship J'son and Meredith form a relationship that creates Meredith'...

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    This probably is the Marvel Now! Series I was most looking forward to for this month and probably out of all of them comes second out of all of the one’s I was most looking forward to the cosmic part of Marvel is probably my favourite part or it’s up there it’s severely underrated and underused and I was so happy to see this and Nova being released.Plot30 years ago Star Lords father crashes on Earth where he meets his mother and after she helps him heal they begin a relationship he eventually le...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Excellent introduction to the series. 0

    This issue is basically the origin story for Star-Lord who is the leader in the new Guardians of the Galaxy series. So basically a spaceship crashes down in the middle of nowhere and the space man and earth woman start to bond. They get “romantic” together shortly before he leaves off into space, leaving her pregnant. Most of the issue takes place when that child, Peter, is ten years old and follows his journey to becoming Star-Lord. I think that this is a very good issue for those of us who wou...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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