Guardian Of Hy-Brasil

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    Guardian and king of the atlantean city of Hy-Brasil.

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    The guardian and king of Hy-Brasil, one of the lost cities of Atlantis.


    The Guardian Of Hy-Brasil was created by Peter David and Jim Calafiore. His first appearance was in Aquaman #17.

    Major Story Arcs

    Aquaman v3

    The Guardian Of Hy-Brasil was the first of his people to meet Aquaman while he was looking to unite the lost cities of Atlantis against a common threat from space.

    As it was his duty he rejected Aquaman's proposal and fought him, but ultimately lost. He took his own life, as it was their tradition, and after that Aquaman managed to bring Hy-Brasil into the fold.

    Another Guardian Of Hy-Brasil was appointed and he fought against the alien invading force on the side of Aquaman and Atlantis.

    Powers & Abilities

    Guardian Of Hy-Brasil is the best warrior of an ancient militaristic race of Atlanteans that have evolved to manta-like creatures.

    Enhanced Strength

    He has some degree of superhuman strength, allowing him to fight Aquaman for a while..

    Enhanced Durability

    He has some degree of enhanced durability due to his evolution to a deadly manta like creature.

    Superhuman Agility / Speed

    He is extremely agile and fast underwater, being able to content and even surprise Aquaman on one instance. His manta like wings help him with this.

    Underwater Adaptation

    He can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep. He can also function on land normally.


    He has extremely sharp claws able to slice through Atlantean armor and scratch Aquaman's skin drawing blood.

    Experienced Warrior / Leader

    He is the greatest warrior of his people, who are already a very militaristic society, hosting an enormous armory, that was used to protect the entire continent.

    He is also the king of his people.


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