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Guanxi was an active Chinese super hero during the period where Bruce Wayne was wandering the world, learning the skills he would later use as Batman.

Guanxi lead a group of Chinese super heroes known as the Zhuguan. The team used a mystic elixir derived from opium to gain super powers. The elixir was affected by the totems the team adopted, so each member had different powers. They were also all dependent on the serum and would suffer from withdraw if they stopped taking it.

While the team was pursuing Huairen in the Xinjiang province of western China, they encountered a young Bruce Wayne battling the warlord. While Ri wanted to interfere and save Wayne from Huairen, Guanxi insisted she not sacrifice the mission for a single man. Guanxi was focused on saving lives and was unwilling to risk the lives of many for the sake of one, particularly an non-Chinese life.

Later, the Zhuguan attacked Huairen and his army. During the battle Ri, the team's healer, opted to save Wayne's life. While she did this Huairen was able to kill another member of the team, Sudu. The Zhuguan retreated and while they recouperated, they began training Bruce Wayne. Guanxi was initially very frustrated with Wayne but eventually asked him to join with the Zhuguan to take down Huairen. Guanxi gave Wayne the elixir, without telling him about it's opiate nature, and then lead the team against Huairen.

During the battle, Huairen delivered a killing blow to Guanxi, however he was able to be revived by Ri. Wayne then stabbed Huairen through the chest, a killing blow that he believed would not be fatal because of Ri's powers. However, Wayne quickly realized that Guanxi had manipulated him and created a scenario where Ri would be to weak to resuscitate their enemy. Wayne is, however, able to keep Huairen alive, much too Guanxi's disappointment. Later, Wayne begins to go through withdraw and Ri explains that the elixir is derived from opium. Rather than taking more, Wayne chosses to go through detox and then abandons the Zhuguan believing that Guanxi is sacrificing his humanity to become super human.


Guanxi derives numerous superpowers from an elixir. The elixir is focused through totems worn by the user, and in the case of Guanxi gave him telepathy.


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