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Real name unknown, the self styled Gryphon fancies himself the worlds greatest hunter having bagged Africa’s biggest game; the big five: the leopard, the lion, the white rhino, the elephant and the cape buffalo. Because of his many illegal activities he is a wanted criminal in many parts of the world. He is an elusive one however always one step head of the authorities.
 Hunter vs Lion
 Hunter vs Lion

He tries to assassinate Casey Forrester  and comes face to face with the greatest hunt yet, 
Drew McIntosh 
he works for Hugo Harley  and is partnered with the mercenary Gabriel.

Skills and Abilities

A very skilled hunter and tracker, second to none in his profession. He is also skilled in unarmed combat and also wields bladed weapons to great effect. Also skilled with the use of conventional forearms. His choice of weapon is the Winchester model 70 rifle


 Known RelativesUnknown

Citizenshp: U.S
Place of Birth:

Marital Status: Unknown
Occupation: Hunter

 Gryphon the hunter
 Gryphon the hunter


 Gender: Male  
Height: 5’11 
Weight: 210 lbs 
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark Brown


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