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Grunts, or
Grunts, or "Unggoys" as shown in Halo 3

The Grunts, or "Unggoys", are consistently shown in Halo video games, comic books, graphic novels, novels, video games, and toys, collectibles, and even pop culture for their hilarious nature. Their latest appearance was in Halo 4, in which they are a part of the aggressive Storm Covenant.


The Grunts, or referred to their real name, "Unggoy", which means "Cold Monk", are midget-like/squat, bipedal arthropods in the Covenant Armada. However, they are the lowest rank in the Covenant, and are extremely naiive, which is the source of them being abused and being frequently mistreated. They were one of the later species to be included in the Covenant, and were the second or third Covenant species encountered by the UNSC and/or Humans. They are only referred to the Grunts by the UNSC/Humans because they are the lowest rank and are unintelligent. They pose a very minimal threat even for UNSC infantry, but pose a relative danger in large numbers. However, Elites, Spartans, and Brutes have no problem in dispatching these weaklings. They also usually do physical labor for the Covenant.

Although obviously weak, Unggoy are typically poor warriors in terms of skill, poor shots when not focused, physically weak, and are generally on the whole, quite tactically inept. When witnessing their commanders eliminated during a battle, they often go into a panic and scatter in random directions. However, what Unggoy may lack in individual skill, they make up for with sheer numbers and high tenacity. Also, if they are focused, can be quite accurate with their weapons, not to mention they breed at a remarkable rate. The Covenant used the high-breeding rate of the Unggoy to their advantage in the Human-Covenant War, where squads of Unggoy very frequently overpowered UNSC personnel through force of numbers.

Powers & Abilities

Covenant Weaponry - The Grunts have numerous Covenant weaponry that they prefer, such as Plasma Pistols and methane masks to help them breathe in unfamiliar atmospheres/planets.

Large Numbers - Despite them being the weakest Covenant species, they also are the largest in the terms of numbers, and pose a relative threat when they are in an army.

Underestimation - UNSC Marines usually underestimate Grunts and tend to abuse them, and sometimes, the Covenant have used Grunts to lure unexpected Marines to their doom.


  • Unggoy Ultra
  • Special Operations Unggoy
  • Unggoy Heavy
  • Unggoy Major
  • Unggoy Minor
  • Unggoy Storm
  • Deacon
  • Merchants
  • Suicide Grunts
  • Heretic Grunts
  • Laborers/Labor Workers
  • Prisoners

Physical Appearance

Grunt/Unggoy Methane Mask/Breather
Grunt/Unggoy Methane Mask/Breather

Grunts/Unggoys are usually short, stocky, round headed, exoskeleton with wrinkly skin, high-pitched voice, and stubby/oversized limbs. When not in there home planet, they have to wear methane breathers/masks to help them breathe, or else they will suffocate and die from lack of oxygen. Another trait is their mental state, which is noted to be unstable, since when their main leader in the group is killed, they automatically spread apart and scurry in different directions, usually leading to their death. Grunts also have blue, goo-like blood, and have a triangular hump on their back that is attached to them, probably for atmosphere reasons, just like their methane masks/breathers.


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