Character » Grunbeld appears in 29 issues.

    Grunbeld is an immensely powerful Apostle who takes the form of a crystalline dragon. He currently serves Griffith in the Neo Band of the Hawk along with other gathered Apostles.

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    Grunbeld is a famous Apostle warrior from a mysterious Northern land. He is famed to have defeated an army of 3000 capable soldiers in the 100 years war as they attempted to siege a small Northern Country.

    He is first seen as he slaughters a division of Kushan soldiers in an overrun Midland City, on his way to pledge himself to the Hawk of the Light, Griffith. During the siege of the great Witch Flora's home, he challenges Guts to a duel, which he had the upper hand of until Guts acquired the Berserker Armor, which granted him immense speed and agility. He continues to fight, despite being slowly overwhelmed by the mystical armor's incredible effect on Guts, but the two are separated as Flora secures an escape path for Guts and company, as she knows that Guts will die of his wounds if he continues to fight.

    Powers and Abilities

    Armor and Gear

    Grunbeld is a towering figure, several times as large and strong as an average man. He wields a massive Warhammer into battle. His shield serves as a hidden Flamethrower, through which he can deal out devastating damage, and also houses a pair of large spikes capable of skewering enemies. He wears a set of massive Heavy Armor with the semblance of a dragon.

    Fighting Skill

    Grunbeld's skill as a warrior is legendary, and his reflexes and strength are beyond that of any human. It is said that he alone protected a small Northern country against an army of 300 successfully during the 100 years war.

    Apostolic Abilities

    Grunbeld's true Apostle form is that of a colossal crystal covered dragon. His Crystalline body is so hard it can withstand cannon fire. Through his dragon form, he is able to breathe fire, and lash out rapidly with his spiked tail for devastating attacks.


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