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The Growing Man was built by the alien inhabitants of the planet Kosmos when it was subjugated by Kang the Conqueror. Growing Man first appeared on Earth as a doll-size figure when it was found by a museum expedition whom later brought it to the police. The android activates and battles Thor but is deactivated and recovered by Kang.

Months later Kang uses Growing Man to abduct Tony Stark at a hospital and engages the Avengers. This was the start of the game Kang and the Grandmaster played.

Growing Man was later recovered by HYDRA and the terrorist Baron Strucker orders the stimuloid to destroy the Thunderbolts. The Thunderbolts were able to defeat the android. Kang later dispatched a new variation of the Growing Man against the Young Avengers. This version of Growing Man would split into multiple smaller units when struck.

The current whereabouts of Growing Man are unknown and has not resurfaced on Earth for some time.


The Growing Man has recently resurfaced in to fight the New Avengers in the Avengers vs.Atlas mini series.

Powers & Abilities:

The Growing Man is a stimuloid — a form of android that absorbs most forms of kinetic energy directed against it, causing it to grow significantly in size every time it is struck. Growing Man also has superhuman strength and durability which increases with its growing height. A new iteration of the Growing Man shows the ability to create smaller clones of itself whenever struck.


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