Grover Underwood

    Character » Grover Underwood appears in 3 issues.

    A satyr, whose life goal was to become a Searcher and find the god Pan. After discovering the God of The Wild in the Labyrinth, Grover received a portion of Pan's power. He is close friends with Percy Jackson, and shares an Empathy Link.

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    Before The Lightning Thief

    Like most satyrs, Grover was sent to find demigods and protect them. Due to his failure at successfully rescuing all three of the previous demigods under his care (Annabeth, Luke and Thalia), he was deemed a loser by The Council of Cloven Elders. Though he is led to believe that it was all his fault, Thalia later reveals that it was Luke.

    Lightning Thief

    Grover starts out befriending a young man, Percy Jackson, at Yancy Academy, believing he may be a Demigod. However, Grover gets more than he reckoned for when Percy displays his powers after pushing Nancy Bobfit 20 feet back into a fountain. This causes Percy to get in trouble with a chaperone, Mrs Dodds.

    Percy is then goes with Mrs. Dodds into an abandoned building, expecting to receive a detention or something. However, Mrs Dodds had other plans, and transforms into a Fury, trying to kill Percy. Percy then slays her and after doing so, discusses this with Grover. Grover, knowing the more ignorant Percy is the safer he will be, pretends to not know about her. However, Percy though sees that Grover is bluffing due to his hesitation and bad lying skills.

    Percy later hears Grover talk to Mr. Brunner about him.

    After Percy loses Grover, Grover tries to find him and eventually tracks him to Montauk beach where Percy and his mom are on vacation. He then warns them and they travel to Camp Halfblood, on the way Grover reveals he is a satyr and is knocked out and Percy’s mom “dies”. Percy then defeats the Minotaur and drags Grover into Camp Halfblood.

    At Camp Halfblood, Grover tells him that he fears he will not get his Searcher’s Liscense to find Pan due to his failure to bring Percy and his companions to camp.

    Soon Grover is to go with Annabeth on Percy’s quest to go to the Underworld and recover the Master Bolt.

    Before the departure, Luke gives Percy a pair of flying shoes which Percy gives to Grover due to his being forbidden to travel by air.

    Along there trip they meet the Furies once again, face Medusa, and Percy and Annabeth retrieve Ares’ shield from Waterland a nearby water park. Once retrieving said shield, Percy then finds out that his mom didn’t die but was rather kidnapped by Hades. They are then give transport to Las Vegas.

    While traveling to Las Vegas , Grover gets really upset by the harsh treatment to the animals in the smugglers’ truck

    In Las Vegas they check into the Lotus Casino where Grover is seen playing a shooting game where the animals are shooting the hunters. There danger isn’t known until Percy realizes the Casino is a trap and when they escapes they realize they have been there for 5 days.

    They the face a giant and after defeating him they travel to the Underworld, and get past Cerberus.

    When near Tartarus, Grover’s flying shoes begin to drag him toward it and he barely escapes. They the confront Hades who has lot the Helm of Darkness and it is soon revealed that in Percy’s backpack, the Master Bolt has been and after vowing to get his Mom back, Percy with the others travel to Los Angeles where Ares(who is revealed to be the one to put the Master Bolt in the backpack) is defeated and the Helm is reclaimed and given back to Hades.

    Percy then takes the bolt to Zeus and says that Kronos is awakening.

    Grover is given his searcher’s license at the end.

    Sea of Monsters

    At the start of the book, one of Percy's visions show that Grover was being held hostage by a Cyclopes. It is later revealed Grover was lured in by The Golden Fleece, and only managed not to get eaten by dressing up as a Lady Cyclopes.

    Powers and Abilities

    Woodland Magic: Like all Satyrs, Grover excels in the art of Pan's magic; he's able to grow plants, heal nature and communicate with animals. For offensive purposes, Grover is able to turn any form of nature into a weapon; in The Last Olympian, Grover and his fellow Satyrs managed to defeat a whole army of monsters using nothing but rocks, shrubs and trees.

    The Power of Pan: Because he was the only Satyr to successfully find Pan, The God of the Wild, Grover received a portion of his power. He is able to use Woodland Magic to a larger degree than fellow
    Satyrs and Nymphs, and has an ability called "Panic". When utilizing this power, Grover emits a scream that strikes fear into the enemy, causing them to panic and retreat. This came in handy in The Battle of the Labyrinth, where Grover scares away a whole battalion of monster simply by screaming.


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