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During the 1970's a group of people became dedicated to saving the world brought together by Adam Monroe , they founded the company an organization aiming to find all evolved humans, they also they believed that the Explosion was supposed to bring a change, but in the course of time some of the members eventually lost their way and group split, all members of these elite group of twelve are hinted to possessing special abilities. Now there are only three members left alive and one of them currently runs the company.

Death threats

Many of the other founders are dead while Some have been murdered by Adam Monroe, while the causes of the others deaths are yet to be revealed there are only three members alive out of twelve. Though what is known that Monroe has been murdering the remaining founders in an act of revenge for his thirty-year imprisonment, Kaito is suggested to the first victim.

When Kaito and Angela received a death threat photo, they take it very seriously. The death threat photo consist of a picture of a founder, ripped from the large group photo of all the founders with a Helix which is written in blood across the founders face in the photo, they knew that the photo was possibly from another founder and that their lives were on the line.

Known death threats have been issued to Angela, Kaito, and Bob. His attempt on Kaito's life was successful, while Maury Parkman was just used as Monroe's "tool", though he failed to kill the other two only causing self inflicted wounds and angle and was then incapacitated by Matt before he could kill Bob . It has not been revealed if any of the other deceased founders have received death threats but their is a very high chance they have as Kaito when he was alive mentions that there were nine left alive while Charles,Daniel and Arthur are dead.

Though Victoria did not receive a death threat while she was alive. it was rather left on her body after she was murdered by Monroe who left a death threat photo revealing that the the helix drawn in the middle of the threat is created by blood, She was the last victim of Adam.

The Members

Adam Monroe- He was the individual who suggested the group should come together to save the world , but after trying to steal strain 138 of the shanti virus claiming to use it to save the world by destroying it with disasters and plagues which made him think he is God, he was imprisoned for thirty years y Kaito, which made him come after the members for revenge

Daniel Linderman (deceased) - He is an eccentric businessman who founded the Linderman Group an organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada using the hotel and gambling industry as cover for the illegal activities of the Company. He wanted to make the Explosion happen so did others , despite his miserable and destructive life he is a healer but he is a disciple to Adam Monroe's beliefs

Arthur Petrelli (deceased)- he is a financially successful lawyer who acted as the company's defense attorney, he is described as having a great power but being weak by Linderman .He has inside knowledge of Linderman's affairs and he is one of the founders of the company

Angela Petrelli - she is the wife of Arthur, through the way Adam acted 30 years ago she believed in him at first about saving the world, but then group split but she may be still with the company as she may have ordered the Haitian not to erase Claire's memories , despite her best intentions to help her family she could not because she is now vulnerable due to alot of factors. Her evasive answer to Claire about having a power might indicate she has a power.

Kaito Nakamura (deceased) - He is a powerful businessman who was involved with the company in making sure the strain was created after the events of Adam trying to steal the Strain he kept it in a sealed vault , he is seemingly a superior to other members of the company as he work with Linderman till he received a death threat realized his mistakes

Charles Deveaux ( Deceased)- He is a member in comatose who Peter had a dream about the first time he met Simone where in the dream Peter's mother appears to know Charles from before and they speak about the explosion that will change the world. Charles thinks Peter should be the one guiding the world instead of Nathan. After she leaves Charles tells Peter that he is the only one capable of stopping the bomb because he can love unconditionally, it is hinted that he may be an astral projector and his aliment is caused by fool play. It is later revealed that he has the ability to read my minds and push his thought into others to make him do what he wants or make them forget something.

Robert Bishop - He is one the members of the group of twelve who founded the company, he has been with the company for the past 30 years and is currently the only one to run the operations of the company , he is depicted as morally gray as he he is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good such as experimenting on person with deadly results as well on his own daughter , he can turn things to gold and other metals

Victoria Pratt (deceased) - She was a biological engineer who on February 14, 1977, discovered the Shanti virus in Shanti Suresh's blood. On Company orders she manipulated the virus to be harnessed into a weapon , the result was Strain 138 along with other strains just in few months which can kill at least 93% of the world's population , despite Kaito telling her that the virus is in safe hands after she told him shut down the program because she suspects that Adam may have help and that's why she left the company, she is currently hiding because she afraid what will happen to her because after hearing of Kaito's death

Harry Fletcher (deceased)- He is on Chandra's list of Evolved humans

Paula Gramble (deceased)- She is on Chandra's list of Evolved humans

Maury Parkman- Is a member of the group of twelve who was used as tool by Adam to kill other members, such as causing self inflicted wounds on Angela and possibly putting Charles in a coma, he split away from the other founders though it is not known why . He is a liar and a very dangerous person who uses his power for self gain

Suzanne Ammaw (deceased)

Carlos Mendez (Unknown ) - The father of Isaac Mendez.


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