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Ground Hawk is an original member of the G-Men, a superhero team founded by the wealthy entrepreneur John Godolkin. Although not the most powerful superhero team in the world the G-Men are the most profitable, with multiple teams associated with the franchise. As such they are highly valued by Vought-American. Ground Hawk presumably like most of his teams mates would have been abducted in his youth by John Godolkin and groomed to eventually be a superhero one day but officially and publicly recognized as an orphan. Ground Hawk appears to have anger issues, as well as a short fuse. He is disliked by the members of G-Wiz. His is among his teammates and various other teams associated with the G-Men when Vought-American decide to eliminate the entire group and John Godolkin for being too risky a group to keep control of.


Ground Hawk is a Dynamite Entertainment comic book character, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. The character first appears in The Boys #24 released in 2008. A member of the superhero G-Men who are an analogue and parody of Marvel comics mutant team X-Men, Ground Hawk himself is a parody/analogue of Wolverine. Beyond the visual similarities like having hammers as weapons attached to his hands and a pointed mask with many edged patterns, Ground Hawk also draws parallels with Wolverines gruff and stiff vocabulary and love triangle relationship with Jean Grey and Cyclops. Ground Hawk has a tendency to growl the word "gonna" frequently and over dramatically.

Powers and Abilities

Ground Hawk has two hammers where his hands should typically be, this is considered a great difficulty for him as he can't grab things. During lunch he is seen being fed by his teammates.


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