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 Groo is once again out looking for work. He finds a city filled with cages, not containing animals, but people. He finds his friend, the Sage, trapped within one, because of some 'wisdom' he divulged to the king.

The Sage asks him to ask the king, King Tabor, to set him free. Groo makes his way to the king (through some guards) and makes his plea. The king agrees, if Groo brings him the Glass Eye of Witch Khan. Thus, Groo sets off.

Groo does battle with the Witch's minions, until she says that he may have the eye... if he brings her the Claw of Mulamar.
Groo makes it to the island of Mulamar, where he slays the guards, until the lord says he may have the claw... if he brings him the Crystal of Ossar.
Groo makes his way to the icy north, where the king says he will give them the hidden crystal if... Can you imagine what happens next?
Groo goes from location to location, himself starting to see a pattern emerge. Finally a two headed giant says they will give him their pearls if he brings them... the crown of King Tabor, who sent him for the Glass Eye in the first place.

Groo has enough, and decides to fight the Giant. He narrowly defeats them, and gets the Pearls, which he trades for the crystal, which he trades for the claw, which he trades for the eye, and then he finally heads back to King Tabor.

But he has been gone many years, and King Tabor has been overthrown and replaced. Groo attempts to trade the eye for the Sage's freedom, but the new king requires something else from him. The Claw of Mulamar, the Crystal of Ossar, the Sword of Zubban, the Talisman of Kiri, and the Pearls of Ghata... and a Prune Danish.
The prune danish is too much for Groo to handle, and we leave him once again hiding from an army, searching for the slayer of the king.

In a day gone by, a man of brilliance roamed the land. It was not 'the Sage'. Who is busy helping people defend themselves from raiders who steal their food every year, and as effective as always.







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