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Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: Unknown
Sector Partner: ?
Predecessor: Inapplicable
Successor: Inapplicable


Grojamm was introduced during the Black Lantern siege of Oa, depicted as a humanoid alien clad in constructed armor and wielding a ring crafted blaster. He is presumed to have been a veteran Lantern, given his familiarity with Katma-Tui, and his role as the leader of a team of Lanterns who were ordered by Salaak to investigate the burial site of those prisoners that were recently executed by the Alpha Lanterns.  
Upon arriving at the scene Grojamm and his team knew immediately that they had just walked into their doom. Multiple Black Lantern rings penetrated into the ground and reanimating the recently slain prisoners. The Black Lanterns tore into Grojamm's team, decapitating and eviscerating the Lanterns with ease.  
Grojamm himself was grasped by the neck and lifted into the air by a particularly vicious killer, who was poised to rip out the Green Lantern's heart while coldly warning hm to "prepare to die".  To his credit, Grojamm defiantly vowed to fight the Black Lanterns to his dying breath. However, before he could be slain his brave words were interrupted by the reanimated corpse of the legendary Green Lantern, Katma-Tui, who swooped in and wrenched Grojamm from the hands of his would be killer.  
Confused, Grojamm tried to thank his former comrade; but his rescue was short lived. Apparently Katma-Tu simply wanted the kill for herself and tore Grojamm's heart from his chest before the veteran Green Lantern could finish thanking her. Presumably, Grojamm has now joined the legion of undead, serving in the Black Lantern Corps.

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