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    Grizzly is former member of the Six Pack. He was killed years ago and was recently ressurrected on Krakoa, along with many other mutants.

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    With great power comes a great desire to make money as a mercenary. Grizzly was an original member of the Wild Pack/Six Pack as the brute strength of the group. He was especially close to Domino.


    Grizzly was a collaboration between Rob Liefeld (on plotting duties), Fabian Nicieza (the main script writer), and Mike Mignola (artist). Liefeld was the normal penciler for X-Force but gave up the reins to Mignola for the special flashback issue in which Cable remembers a mission with his old mercenary team.

    Character Evolution

    Grizzly began as a big guy who did things for money. He tended to side, however, with causes in which he believed. He was later toyed with by Genesis and went crazy, going on a killing spree before his death.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Six Pack

    Grizzly joins the Six Pack as the resident tough guy. Able to shrug off plasma cannons and well-timed verbal jabs by his teammates, Grizzly easily does his job of ripping things up and bringing things down. His closest friend in the group is easily Domino. Like her, however, he leaves the group when Cable abandons the team amidst a huge bomb blast in which Hammer and Kane are severely injured. Also, like his team, Grizzly holds a huge grudge against Cable for many years after.

    Years later, G. W. Bridge asks Grizzly to join the group Weapon: P.R.I.M.E., a group whose sole purpose was to capture Cable. Their mission fails and Grizzly leaves the team to enjoy some downtime in Australia. His self-inflicted vacation doesn't last long, as he's asked to join Domino in searching for Cable's young X-Force team. He reluctantly agrees. The two find Hammer, who helps them break into Department K to find any information on Cable or X-Force. After a new Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. gets the jump on them, they head to Boston to confront Copycat, the mutant who had impersonated Domino for a year. She leads them to the new X-Force base at Camp Verde.

    Grizzly and Domino part ways when Domino joins X-Force and Grizzly leaves to lead as quiet of a life as possible.


    Some time later, Grizzly is unwittingly forced into the life of a serial killer by the mind control of Genesis. Domino is sent by Cable to investigate the murders and discovers Grizzly to be the culprit. The two fight and Domino overpowers Grizzly, eventually killing him. Before his passing, Grizzly makes Domino promise to never tell Cable the actions of his son.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

    Berserker fury
    Berserker fury

    During the Age of Apocalypse storyline, Grizzly is portrayed as a bestial mass murderer and portrayed as a significantly more feral being than previous versions of Grizzly. He went on a rampage on the Rocky Mountains and nearly one hundred men lost their lives, for his performance Apocalypse put him to work and named him Grizzly.

    He worked under Domino, as a bounty hunter along side with Caliban, who was a minion of Apocalypse. Together, the three attacked Forge's resistance group known as the Outcasts. Grizzly was killed on one of the raids by Forge and Sonique after murdering Toad.

    Earth-1610: Ultimate


    Ultimate Grizzly is introduced in the Cable miniseries, that is part of Ultimate X-Men. This newer version holds the same powers as previous Grizzly personas, however has two forms. His human forms seems to be a dark-haired Native American, whereas he has a feral form resembling a Were-Bear of sorts. His modern-day counterpart is a student at Xavier's School for the gifted.

    Other Media

    X-Men Legends 2 : Rise Of Apocalypse


    He is a henchman for Apocalypse sent to re-capture the escaped Genoshan prisoners and to recover the lost access codes to Genosha that were spread out all over deadzone in the ruins of aircrafts that were destroyed during the battle. Oficially he is the first mini boss of the game, stating that Apocalypse lets him kill people, so he prefers this to his former super-hero lifestyle. He has special dialogue with Jean Grey and Iceman. If the player uses Jean as controlled character then it is shown how Jean believes that he could be brainwhased but he allege that he is not. Instead, if Iceman is the selected one then they star to provoke each other with childish phrases and insults.

    His appereance is more similar to Earth 295 bounty hunter version (Age of apocalypse) than his regular version.


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