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Six issue digital mini-series.

Grisly Unit is a comic book created by Roger S. Lewis (writer) and David Daza (artist). It is published by Blue Shirts Brown Productions with its first arc scheduled for six issues, covering the early formation of the team. Included with the six digital issues on ComiXology are additional issues that have been labeled "28 stories" as they reveal further detail going back in time before issue #1 by: 28 Hours Earlier, 28 Days Earlier, 28 Weeks Earlier, and so on. The six one-shot story titles for the "28 stories" series are as follows:

-- Executive Order (28 Hours Earlier)

-- Frosty Night (28 Days Earlier)

-- Family Ties (28 Weeks Earlier)

-- Sibling Rivalry (28 Months Earlier)

-- Starlight Sundered (28 Years Earlier)

-- Eternal Kiss (28 Centuries Earlier)

At the completion of the first arc, Grisly Unit will go on a short hiatus and the Grisly Tales anthology series will begin with a mix of new short stories and cases files.


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