Character » Grips appears in 23 issues.

    One of many characters created by Kris Silver in 1986 and published by SilverWolf and Greater Mercury. Early work was drawn by Tim Vigil.

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    Grips is one of several characters created by Kris Silver in 1986 and subsequently used to start SilverWolf Comics; later transferring over to Greater Mercury after SilverWolf shut down operations. Early work was drawn by Tim Vigil, and is widely credited for giving Vigil the popular attention that helped his career.

    Grips is a normal human being in top physical condition but can force himself into pseudo-psychotic rages, letting him function outside the ordinary levels of other humans. He is also sadomasochistic; pain and injuries that would incapacitate others have the effect of invigorating and enhancing his physical strength and performance.

    Grips has no use for criminals tending to believe they deserve no mercy. He acts on this belief as a matter of routine, attacking savagely with the blades he fashioned as part of his costume. Any criminal element he encounters usually ends up dead as a result of his vigilantism.

    A notable distinction of Grips is that his alter-ego was a comic book writer and illustrator who created a character named Fat Ninja, which as a title also published by SilverWolf. Fat Ninja was actually created and written by Kris Silver. Ironically, this faux character was one of SilverWolf’s most popular titles.

    Grips operates out of Sacramento, California, U.S.A., and has no established relatives.

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