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    A member of the Italian counter-terrorism team, Gemini, Brandon Blake can manifest claws made of biological plasma, and his twin brother of his teammate Suede

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    Marvel Italia

    Born in Italy in the month of June [under the Zodiacal sign of Gemini], Brandon and his twin Nicholas were killed the same day by the "Meta-Impulse", a cosmic-demoniac energy relased by Nosferath entering our dimension. Along with the two brothers, the "Meta-Impulse" kill all the others babies in the nursery and transform into deformed monsters all the people in the hospital and in near area.

    Resurrected by the power of the Nosferath, Brandon and Nicholas were take by Mr. Illusion, servant of the Nosferath, and delivered to former M.I.5 agent and scientist Edwig Cain, who raised them as his adopted sons [along side with other 3 childrens].

    Brandon grow up under the guide and training of Ewig Cain, unknowing his true story, the origin of his powers, the secret of the Nosferath and the destiny of his true parents [that may or maybe not dead] and at last he become a Super-Hero under the codename of Grip, member of the newly formed anti-terrorist team Gemini assembled by his adoptive father.

    Brandon have a sarcastic sense of humor, often showing overconfidence in fight and a discrete taste for violence, and his quite the opposite of his twin brother Nicholas.

    After the betrayal of his team-leader and friend Front, Grip turn out to be the less incline to understand his motivation and trusting him again.

    When Alma Matrix and the Nosferath take over the Gemini Base of Vera Croce, Grip his the first of the team to fall under the influence of their enemy, briefly attacking his teammate before the whole team was captured.

    After the final battle with the Nosferath and the intervention of The Voyager, the exact destiny of Grip remain unknown, but from Marvel Official Database seem clear that he and the others members of Gemini are still operating as superheroes in Italy


    Grip can generate biological plasma around his hand for combat use, usually in the form of claw. He have also show the ability to throw this plasma in the form of plasma blade [much like the british mutant Pete Wisdom].

    He have also a low degree of psionic power, being able to use a special "mental grip" on the brain of his enemy, cousing them pain and forcing them on their kneen.

    As a result of the life of training at the base of Vera Croce [which is a Euromind/S.H.I.E.L.D. base], Grip is also a good atlete and expert in hand to hand and melee fight.

    Anyway, as for the others members of Gemini, the full extension and form of his powers is not clear due of the their magic/demonic/cosmic origins and nature.


    While is surname, Blake, show british origins, Brandon is born [and re-born] in Italy, and he have lived his whole life in Italy as italian citizen, so he must be considered italian under all aspect.


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