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This issue actually captures part of the same problem of what the Tim Burton movie also had.  In terms of Wonderland related stories, I am not particularly interested in seeing a large pitched battle.  As it relates to the mad world of Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland, personal battles are often necessary, but a large pitched battle seems a little over the top for a place built on either madness or eccentricity.  With this drawing this issue a little away from the source material, this is still the best issue thus far in the series as the beginning examines Alice's mental struggle a lot more effectively than has been done in this series to this point.  There are still some underlying problems with this series, chief among them that it is kind of hard to make this series extremely compelling when the reader should already know the outcome.  It is still well handled and really is just about as much as could be asked for, but still lacking the edge that others have had. 

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