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Until they're contained

This entire series has been one of my favourites from the Grimm Fairy Tales line since the earliest of the original series.  Since deciding to go the way of explaining the background of the morality tales in terms of a supernatural explanation, the series lost some of its luster.  This series gave a bit of that back by looking at the highborns and falsebloods in a different light, more as people and less as superheroes.  Generally speaking this has been successful in this series but in this last story arc there has generally been too much of a sense of desperation with the story being somewhat forced.  To be fair, the writer here has assembled a huge task by incorporating so many of the characters from the GFT universe, but doing so requires some balance and that is generally not achieved here in this last story arc.  It has its moments, and it is nice to see the heroes work together in this story as they rarely do, but it still seems like it could have been something more for this otherwise pretty interesting series.  With the background set between this series and Bad Girls, the action continues in Grimm Universe, but it appears already that this is the better of the three.  

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