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One issue...five action packed stories...no ads! With 30 pages of action spotlighting the best known characters from the Grimm Universe this is a great intro to the most popular Zenescope titles and characters. A great jumping on point for new readers, and a super value for current fans.

Story Titles

  • Van Helsing: Timeless Classic
  • Robyn Hood: Auld Lang Syne
  • Wonderland: Mad Dreams
  • Death Force: Totems
  • Grimm Fairy Tales: Judgment Rising

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover ARiveiro & Ceci de la Cruz1
BCover BMike Krome & Ula Mos4
CCover CRenato Rei & Wes Hartman5
DCover DPasquale Qualano & Walter Pereyra6
ECover ENoah Salonga & Hedwin Zaldivar7
FNew York Comic Con Exclusive Cosplay Variant Cover, Limited to 10 nude metalMike DeBalfo, Jeremy Clark & Sanju Nivangune2
GNew York Comic Con Exclusive Cosplay Variant Cover, Limited to 100 nudeMike DeBalfo, Jeremy Clark & Sanju Nivangune3
HNew York Comic Con Exclusive Cosplay Webstore Variant Cover, Limited to 500Mike DeBalfo, Jeremy Clark & Sanju Nivangune8
INew York Comic Con Exclusive Cosplay Foil Variant Cover, Limited to 50Mike DeBalfo, Jeremy Clark & Sanju Nivangune9

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