Grimm Fairy Tales #94

    Grimm Fairy Tales » Grimm Fairy Tales #94 - Is It Safe? released by Zenescope Entertainment on February 2014.

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    An AGE OF DARKNESS crossover title! The Countdown to 100 continues! More and more Highborns seem to be appearing on earth every day...and most of them are disappearing just as fast. Wherever their going and whatever is happening to them is being swept under the rug by the government and its special branch for dealing with these powerful beings...Hibocorp. As Sela investigates the disappearance of one of her students she uncovers the horrible truth...a sinister plot that goes deeper than she ever could have imagined.

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    ACover ARenato Rei & Stephen Schaffer1
    BCover BSteven Cummings & Ylenia Di Napoli3
    CCover CVincenzo Cucca & David Ocampo4
    REWizard World New Orleans Exclusive Cover, Limited to 350Franchesco! & Sabine Rich5
    REWizard World New Orleans Exclusive Cover, Limited to 75Franchesco!6
    REZenescope VIP Exclusive Cover, Limited to 150?2

    Note: The digital edition (2/12/2014) for this issue was released before the print edition (2/19/2014).


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