Grimm Fairy Tales #42

    Grimm Fairy Tales » Grimm Fairy Tales #42 - Baba Yaga released by Zenescope Entertainment on October 2009.

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    Long before Sela became the guardian of her fairy tale book there was another who possessed it. Just as Sela has had to battle the forces of evil so did her predecessor. Her greatest enemy was the witch Baba Yaga and the story of their final battle is told here for the first time. Don't miss this issue as more history of the Grimm Fairy Tales Universe is revealed in a tale that tells how Sela was chosen to fulfill her destiny. 

    The evil witch Baba Yaga lived in a house in a forest where she lay in wait and laid traps for humans, so that she could eat them.  Her favourite prey were children, but with none often available she ate instead the heroes and champions who sought to slay her.  She would then take their bones and create a fence from them.  She would later decide that she had only one champion left to vanquish, Alexxa.  She is hunted down by the Black, White and Red Knights of Baba Yaga, but fights back with the aid of characters from her book.  Baba Yaga counter attacks and Alexxa only has time to return to her house and tell Shang that Baba Yaga is back.  He informs her to pass the book on the next bearer, who is Sela.  The action cuts back to modern day where Belinda is picked up from the airport on her way home from Australia by Baba Yaga, who informs her that they have a common enemy.


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    This is another in a sequence of well conceived and well executed but otherwise not very noteworthy issues.  The action here is a kind of origin story for how Sela got her book and also introduces another super villain for Sela to deal with (she now has three?).  The story focuses on Baba Yaga, a powerful and evil witch that desires very much to have Sela's book of fairy tales, and went so far as to kill the previous holder of the book.  It ties into the modern day fairly effectively as well, bu...

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