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    For the first time ever, and just in time for the holidays, comes the Grimm Fairy Tales 2020 Holiday Special! Get ready to check out all of your favorite Grimm Universe heroines and villainesses, both naughty and nice, representing all of that yuletide cheer! Some of the industrys top artists contribute gorgeous pin-ups of the Grimm Universes most popular female characters in this stunning collection.

    Also includes a never before published Grimm Universe short story!


    • Cinderella (Paul Green (a) & Ula Mos (c))
    • Liesel van Helsing (Derlis Santacruz (a) & Sanju Nivangune (c))
    • Keres (Hedwin Zaldivar)
    • Belinda (Dawn McTeigue (a) & Sabine Rich (c))
    • Anabelle "Belle" Dimarco (Renzo Rodriguez (a) & Ylenia Di Napoli (c))
    • Julie Jekyll (Noah Salonga (a) & Sanju Nivangune (c))
    • Cinderella (Riveiro (a) & Ylenia Di Napoli (c))
    • Sela Mathers (Mike DeBalfo (a) & Sanju Nivangune (c))
    • Gretel (Riveiro (a) & Vinicius Andrade (c))
    • Skye Mathers (Andrea Errico (a) & Hedwin Zaldivar (c))
    • Winter Suydam & Carmen Alexander (Derlis Santacruz (a) & Vinicius Andrade (c))
    • Angelica "Hellchild" Blackstone (Renzo Rodriguez (a) & Sanju Nivangune (c))
    • Sela Mathers (Jamie Tyndall (a) & Ula Mos (c))
    • Charlotte Dracula (Eduardo Garcia (a) & Sanju Nivangune (c))
    • Dorothy Gale (Noah Salonga (a) & Ylenia Di Napoli (c))
    • Cinderella (Michael Dooney (a) & Ivan Nunes (c))
    • Robyn Locksley (Umberto Giampa (a) & Michael Bartolo (c))
    • Calie Liddle (Bobby Breed (a) & Grostieta (c))
    • Masumi (Vinz el Tabanas)
    • Skye Mathers (Derlis Santacruz (a) & Ula Mos (c))
    • Mercy Dante (Alfredo Reyes (a) & Chris "Fatboy" Hall (c))
    • Goblin Queen (Bobby Breed (a) & Grostieta (c))
    • Britney "Red Agent" Waters & Avril Williams (Alfredo Reyes (a) & Chris "Fatboy" Hall (c))
    • Liesel van Helsing (Elias Chatzoudis)
    • Jasmine (Umberto Giampa (a) & Vinicius Andrade (c))
    • Peyton "Black Knight" Parks (Andrea Errico (a) & Grostieta (c))
    • Mary "Mystere" Medina (Vinz el Tabanas)
    • Belinda and Sela (A Rio (a) & Wes Dzioba (c))

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    ACover AAlfredo Reyes & Ylenia Di Napoli1
    BCover BDerlis Santacruz & Ula Mos2
    CCover CJosh Burns3
    DCover DNelly Jimenez4

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