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Exploring the connection between sex and violence, the adaption of Little Red Riding hood confronts that line. The werewolf displays the lust and animal nature of sexuality while Red symbolises the innocence and purity of love. The hunter is the balance between them both, taking you back close to the original story of the brothers Grimm rather than the doused down version we know today, the true moral behind the story is displayed.

A young girl with doubts about losing her virginity to her pushy boyfriend reads a story about Little Red Riding Hood in a book she finds beside her bed. The story of the fairy tale character parallels her own, and the ending of the updated story teaches her a lesson, which feels all too real.


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Into the forest 0

This series is a bit of enigma to me.  The cover sort of gives away the idea that the reader is getting into a gratuitously sexual version of the fairy tale, but then once inside the story actually deals with a more reasonable portrayal of the pressure put on a young woman to lose her virginity and the threat of date rape.  For some reason I have stuck in my head the men that buy a CD from Britney or Christina because they liked the picture on the CD but then not as much the inside.  Not to say ...

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Grimm Anniversary 0

In celebration of The Grimm fairy Tales 200th anniversary I decided to review the first Issue of the comic of the same named published by Zenescope Entertainment. First off I got to say I like the cover as it pertrays the story dark nature and gives the readers a sense of what is to come despite the misleading provocative image of little red ridding hood. The story is well done in my opinion displaying how the story of little Red relates to her own life as the big bad wolf's hunger for Red is a ...

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