Grigori Rasputin

    Character » Grigori Rasputin appears in 195 issues.

    A Siberian mystic and close advisor to the late Romanov family of Russian Empire.

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    Dark Horse:

    The Mad Monk, Grigori Rasputin was killed on December 16th. He was shot, beaten, stabbed, poisoned, and finally drowned. But this wouldn’t stop the insane Russian mystic from being brought back to life. The seven dragons of revelation, the Ogdru Jahad revived his to become their instrument on earth. Rasputins plans began when the Nazis enlisted him as an occult expert, desperate to win the war at any cost. And so Project Ragna Rok began. Rasputin used the Fuhrer’s resources and men however, to try to achieve his own goals. The monk wished to create a new Eden on earth - by starting the Apocalypse. This came to fruition, but as Grigori summoned the hell beast that would bring about this inevitable Ragnarok, he was intercepted by Professor Bruttenholm and his team, including the Torch of Liberty. The monster fell in to the hands of the Allies. Only to be raised by Bruttenholm as his son, calling the child Hellboy.

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    Many years later, in nineteen ninety four, it was revealed that Rasputin had taken residence in an ancient Aztec temple under Cavendish Hall. He had awoken Sadu-Hem, one of the three hundred and sixty nine spawn of the Ogdru Jahad, which was being used as his conduit to communicate with his monstrous masters. After their discovery by Hellboy, Rasputin began to lecture the boy about his destiny. Rasputin wished to use the right hand of doom that had imprisoned the Ogdru Jahad to release them from their crystal prisons. However, he was stopped by the arrival of Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien, the former of which set Sadu Hem aflame, and killed both the Hem and Rasputin.

    But this wouldn’t be the end of Rasputin. While Karl Kroenen, Ilsa Haupstein, and Herman Von Klempt attempted to revive the notorious vampire Vladimir Giurescu, Rasputin appeared before Haupstein. He convinced her to place herself inside of an iron maiden, and when she did, the Goddess Hecate used the iron maiden as a body.

    During the events on Conqueror Worm, Rasputin’s ghost appeared once more, in order to inform her that she would be the last of a race of humans. Unfortunately, this would never come to fruition as she was killed by Lobster Johnson. The ghost of Hecate appeared before Rasputin, berating him on his idiocy about how he thought that he would be the one to bring about the Apocalypse. She reminded him that only Hellboy was capable. He’s nearly killed by Hecate, but he retreats to the roots of the world tree, where the last of his soul is place in an acorn by the Baba Yaga


    Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was born somewhere in Russia four generations prior to his Great Grandsons Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin (Colossus) and Mikhail Rasputin ,as well as his great Granddaughter Illyana Nikolievna (Magik) He also seems to have been an only child. At some point in his life he met with and made a friend by the name of Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister), whether it was with him or alone, Grigori hatched a plan to cheat death. But this plan called upon him to cheat on his then wife, Elena Ivanova (Sister of Ivan), something he had no moral problem doing if it meant he would live again.

    So he set about sleeping with as many women and impregnating as many of them as he humanly could. And as soon as they would become impregnated he would pour a portion of his soul and life essence into each unborn baby. Binding his soul to theirs. In a way not entirely dissimilar to Azazel's plot of producing multiple progeny with with to free himself from the Brimstone dimension. But he seems to have had the idea first since he dreamed it up 3 generations before Azazel's temporary release by Margali Szardos

    He would die soon and would wait, he's being torn and diluted as each of his children reproduced. Until eventually his grandson Vladimir Rasputin amassed enough of Grigori's soul to manifest his personality. When he did Grigori sought out Essex because he knew the next step of his plan couldn't be carried out with out the help of his old friend. Essex, now Mr. Sinister was all too happy to help out his old friend. After all, it would help him in his age old quest to obliterate his former mentor, Apocalypse, the mutant with out home he would never have become Mr. Sinister.So Mr. Sinister helped Grigori in killing off the distant parts of his family tree. Even going so far as to pit Mikhail and Piotr against one another.

    But when Mikhail refused to kill his own brother he cast himself into the Dark dimension so that he would never die and would remain there totally isolated from the rest of the universes. And even if Grigori and Mr. Sinister managed to kill off all the parts of the family, they would only succeed in making Mikhail into Grigori permanently and this would leave Grigori immortal but eternally banished from Earth.


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