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The Story:

If you haven't been following this series Grifter has had huge problems with the Daemonites. They're a group of shape shifting aliens who've infiltrated several Earth organizations. Grifter has a huge grudge against them because he thinks they killed his brother and they've made his life a living hell.

This issue takes him to the Himalaya Mountains where he keeps hearing a strange voice beckoning him. He arrives but unfortunately he isn't alone. He's joined on the scene by Midnighter who's investigating the situation for Stormwatch. It turns out a ship that's related to their orbital base has crash landed. Midnighter is determined to clear the scene and get rid of Cole Cash in the process.

The Good:

This book is action packed and the best to date in the series. There's a great fight between Grifter and Midnighter. Even hopelessly outmatched, Grifter is resourceful enough to make it interesting. It also sets up another DC series quite well as we discover the secret of the voice. We get another surprise as well in the form of someone very close to Grifter.

The Art:

Great pencils and colors from Beatty & Clark. They do a fine job here especially with the mountainous terrain.


Best issue of Grifter so far. This one is good old fashioned fun with some great plot development thrown in.


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