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Grifter #4

Art - The line art is clean enough, but his proportions are all wrong. This is something that a life art class could probably fix fairly quickly. I wonder if he went to college or some other route. I'd say some other route because you probably wouldn't get these out of whack proportions otherwise. The colorist or inker is inconsistent, messing up the over all style of the colors. The fact that the colorist doesn't work with this belies the stubbornness and/or the skill of the colorist.

Story - This was a pure action oriented issue with the story pretty much being... Break into Q-core and then "Oh, shi...run away! As such there isn't anything to talk about really

Characterization - With all the action you wouldn't think there'd be much, but ironically all the characters involved with the actions have characters that come across well while those that are in the big talking bit have almost no character.

Recommendation - Buy it. It's not a jump on point, but it's good enough that if you read it you'll be interested in what's going on and want to read the back issues if you enjoy it.

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