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Grifter # 4

Crossing over so soon? Well we have to ensure the Wildstorm Universe is now the DC Universe lets not get it twisted. Green Arrow guest stars and so far I have to say this is the best issue since the 1st issue. However here is my problem, I would prefer to see the book stand on it's own. Rather than hey Green Arrow is around the corner. Bruce Wayne is up the street, and Superman is a block and a half from my house. Now being a ongoing title it's important that a book stands on it's own that Grifter has proven that it has it's own universe within the DC Universe. So far as action story this is great story and great art work. What I like about this story is that Grifter comes through really bad ass, he's a very likeable character. He doesn't take crap he's just down to whatever it is necessary to win. Grifter Vs. Green Arrow scene is priceless. Very well executed, still though I find it sudden. This is great stuff, a lot bang for your buck. I rate this issue a 4.0 of 5.0 rating.

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