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    The griffin/griffon/gryphon is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. A variation is the hippogriff, the result of a mating between a griffin and a horse.

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    Although mostly associated with ancient Greek myths and art, Griffin like creatures appeared in art long before this period, being prominent in both Egyptian, Cretan and Persian art.  The animal was considered to be almost divine.  This was due to its combination, the lion as the kind of beasts and the eagle as the kind of birds.  The combination made it generally a powerful and trustful ally.  Although it is a mythological creature in the Medieval ages some attributed it to Christian lore, and it thus became a part of heraldry and architecture (often serving the same decorative role as gargoyles.)   


    Since the popularization of the fantasy genre in the 1950s, writers have drawn on myths, lore and legend for inspiration and for creatures to use.  One of the most common of these are the griffins who are used generally as steeds and as good allies for fighting characters.  The majority of their comic appearances have been in fantasy based comics.

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