Griffin (Franklin)

    Character » Griffin (Franklin) appears in 172 issues.

    A former member of the Circus of Crime, Griffin is a gamma-irradiated member of the Gamma Corps.

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    Eliot Franklin was originally born in Orlando, Florida. He started his career by joining Ringmaster's Circus of Crime as a clown of sorts. He would use a cane and juggling balls as his weapons.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Circus of Crime

    Whenever the Circus of Crime acted without the presence of Ringmaster, Eliot would take the mantle as the leader of the circus, though this only lasted for short stints.


     Dude? Not cool!
    Dude? Not cool!

    Approached in prison by General Ryker, Franklin signed up for his Gamma Corps without question, only needing to hear the name, Hulk. After attacking the Hulk several times during World War Hulk, Griffin was caught by Hulk and had both arms and both legs snapped. Being the only part of the Gamma Corps without a real reason to hate the Hulk, Hulk felt he had finally given him a reason.

    Powers and Abilities

    Griffin has increased strength and speed due to his Gamma Corps enhancements, which are based on those of Harpy. This means he can also fly, and has incredibly sharp talons on both feet - strong enough to pierce Hulk's skin. Griffin has also been seen spitting acid on several occasions.


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