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Griff felt like it was his responsibily to help british soldiers repel the Germans. Goliath journeyed back in time and fought alongside Griff in the Battle of Britain before taking him to the future with him. The London clan had thought Griff had died in the Battle of Britain and were overjoyed to see him.

Unfortunately Griff wasn't as pleased his rookery Siblings were decades older than he was and Una and Leo were now mates. Griff felt very out of place.

Griff later spotted a man breaking into Westminister Abbey. When he attempted to stop the thief he discovered the man was King Arthur. Arthur and Griff went on a quest to find Excalibur. Their search brought them to Manhattan were they teamed up with the Manhattan Clan(minus Goliath, Angela, and Bronx) and battled against Macbeth, Fleance, Banquo, a water elemental and even a stone dragon. When Arthur regained Excalibur he dubbed Griff a knight and the two set off on a new quest to find Merlin.

Several months later Sir Griff teamed up with Macbeth, Hudson, Lexington, Coldstone, and Coldfire to protect the Stone of Destiny from Coyote V and Coldsteel. During this fight he utilized a "Lightning Gun" that he appropriated from Banquo during the first battle with Macbeth, favoring the weapon heavily.

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