Griever at the End of All Things

    Character » Griever at the End of All Things appears in 10 issues.

    A being which describes itself as entropy, heat and death. She appears at the end of all things.

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    A cosmic entity of entropy that is rumored to be the last living being at the true end of reality.


    The Griever at the End of All Things was created by Dann Slott and Sara Pichelli and first appeared in Fantastic Four Vol.6 issue 2 (2018).

    Major Story Arcs

    Against the Fantastic Four

    She was overseeing the work of the Future Foundation as they rebuilt the Multiverse through the powers of Franklin Richards. At the moment when he could not continue building universes, she attacks the Future Foundation defeating them and offering a challenge to Mr. Fantastic.

    The leader of the Fantastic Four, uses this challenge to be able to summon the members of the team, along with all those who at some point were part of it. This group of heroes destroy the machinery the entity used against Reed and Sue, leaving only one intact. After this, Reed tells him that he knows his weak point: he is a cosmic entity of destruction, so he cannot build anything and is locked in that world if the last machinery is destroyed. The Griever accepts defeat, and leaves the world but first declaring that she will meet them again and defeat them.


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