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Greta is the assistant of Dr. Ulysses N. Verde. Together, they tried to unlock the secret of the Cherenkov-Kirby reaction, a biological nuclear reaction by which many superheroes deprived their powers from. Greta was one of the very few who actually received powers from C-K, in her case: gravity-control. Not long after Greta had been empowered, the US state department found interest in getting super-powered soldiers, and Verde and Greta was abducted and putted in government custody.

Planning to escape, Verde told Greta to it eat well, since escaping would require the use of her powers, which drains her adipose tissue, so in order to use her powers well, she needs a, in lack of better words: a healthy reserve. Greta agreed to do this, even though she was sad over loosing her good figure.

Because of her new metabolism, gaining weight was not a problem. In under two weeks, Greta had gained over 30 kilograms in weight. Being unable to fit any of her old clothes, the facility-guards gave her an embarrassing lederhosen-outfit in order to bully her about her weight. After a pep-talk from Verde, Greta decided not to be embarrassed about her new look, but embrace it and she started to developed a new more cocky attitude. The then escaped the government facility, and now wanted by the law, they became the super-villain duo known as Greta Gravity and Doctor Universe.

Powers & Abilities

Greta has the power to create her own localized gravity fields, which lets her pick up and throw objects of almost any size. Greta is so powerful that he can create a gravity-field that mach the one on Jupiter, which is 2.5 times Earth's gravity. She can create negative gravity as well.

Greta also has genius-level intelligence, and can therefor assist Doctor Universe in his scientific work.

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