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It's the Devil you don't know that proves to be most deadly, and in this, the explosive finale to this compelling series, the light is shined on the never-before-seen moments in Hunter Rose's life. During the few short years Rose terrorized the city as his alter-ego Grendel, he left a trail of tragedy and a sinister legacy that echoes throughout following generations. From the early first sightings of the nefarious Devil to his final breath on a rooftop with his nemesis, writer/creator Matt Wagner and his team of artists illuminate the life of Hunter Rose and the death of Grendel. From start to finish, these stories will set your heart racing and blow you away!

Stories by Matt Wagner:

  • Evidence of the Devil - art by Cliff Chiang, lettering by John Workman. Introduces Liz Sparks, the detective in charge of investigating Grendel; she later became one of the main characters in Behold the Devil. Sparks analyzes a crime scene that may be one of Grendel's first professional hits.
  • Devil's Retribution - art and lettering by Farel Dalrymple. Continues "Devil Crossed" and "Devil Clashed" from the last two issues. This tells how Grendel hunted down Stacy's kidnapper, a pedophile, and killed him. This story was originally told in another form in Devil by the Deed, a back-up feature in Mage.
  • Rat on the Devil - art by Darick Robertson, lettering by Sean Konot. A stoolie is released by the police into Argent's care. He tortures the stoolie but Grendel kills him before Argent gets him to speak.
  • Devil's Sentence - art by John K. Snyder III, lettering by Jason Hvam. After his men rob an armored car, Grendel tortures and kills their inside man, who was molesting his niece. Grendel doesn't put up with any form of child endangerment. This story may be the continuance of one of the "minute mysteries" from the previous issue, and may also be the same armored car that he robbed in Behold the Devil.
  • Devil's Eulogy - art by Michael Zulli, lettering by Sean Konot. The last few minutes of Hunter Rose's life: he talks with Argent on a roof after the two of them have battled to the point where they can no longer stand. Rose philosophizes about their mutual relationship and their roles in life, then dies. This story was told in other forms in the first volume of Grendel and in Devil by the Deed.







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