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Major Story Arcs

Devil's Quest

Jupiter III, great-grandson of Orion Assante, the first Grendel-Khan, is a weak Khan. His ministers and powerful subjects, such as Martin Raikshaw and Wyotek Jones, plot against him.

His hair is falling out and he undergoes regular treatments to smooth out his nervous tics.

He decides to hire the Session twins to find the legendary Grendel-Prime, the cyborg who helped his grandfather, Jupiter I, get to power.

However, when the Sessions finally find Grendel-Prime, more than a year later, he is in the middle of an experiment to contact the soul of Hunter Rose. They shoot the machine and cause it to malfunction, which sends him into the past. However, the Sessions assume he was destroyed, which is what they tell Jupiter III.

This news is catastrophic to the Khan, since it was his last chance to seem like an effective leader. There are multiple countries declaring autonomy and fighting against his reign. Jupiter's neurotic tics, combined with his drug use, go into overdrive and he dies from scratching his face off in the year 2707.


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