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    Dulac is a warrior Grendel and an enforcer for Renute, leader of the New Orleans krewe.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Four Devils, One Hell

    Dulac first appears as a mysterious Black Knight in the hallucinations of Alfred Bixby, a deluded white-clad Grendel who believes that he is a knight in the service of Charlemagne.

    Dulac is actually a psychopathic Grendel (one of the four titular Grendels of the story arc's title) who acts as the right-hand man and assassin for Renute, the leader of the New Orleans krewe. There is a prophecy that whoever is the heir to Charlemagne on the 800th anniversary of Hunter Rose's death will become Rose's incarnation. Renute wants all the heirs to be killed, and sends Dulac after them. He murders Emile and Guillaume Batiaque, the more direct heirs. When Josef Mantovani is hired to solve the murders, Dulac tries to kill him too, but Mantovani uses his bionic hand to break Dulac's sword, and Dulac runs off.

    Mantovani and Calhoun, a rogue Grendel, try to hunt him down. They catch him by surprise and interrogate him. He tells them about the prophecy, but he breaks free and attacks them. Once again Mantovani saves them from Dulac's sword with his metal hand. Dulac escapes.

    Dulac later hears that Bixby is wildly killing people on the street. Since Bixby is involved in Renute's machinations, Dulac goes off to catch him. Dulac gets the crowd on his side and together they truss Bixby up and take him off to Renute.

    Renute later gathers all the characters together to kill them all. He has also turned his entire group of underlings into vampires, including Dulac. There is a great battle, and Dulac kills Gloria DeVere, an art-loving Grendel who had come to find the Mona Lisa. Dulac prepares to attack Mantovani from behind, but Bixby sees him. Bixby picks up the nearby skull of Hunter Rose, which he worships as "the relic," and throws it at Dulac's head, splintering the skull into pieces and presumably killing Dulac.


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