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It seemed like Christine Spar's travails were over after her battle with Tujiro, but they've only begun.

Argent can feel that she has arrived back in New York. Wiggins fills him in, and tells him that they've arrested Brian. Argent says to let him go.

Meanwhile, Brian is getting sweated by the police. Once again Christine's actions are having unintended consequences on her friends. But Brian stands up to the cops and doesn't say anything. Ultimately they get the word to let him go, and they do, but Detective Riley is taking this whole thing personally, and doesn't like it.

Regina shows up at the destroyed theater and buses while Brian is checking them out. They meet and compare notes. They find her letter to Brian and decide to go back to New York together to find her.

Christine is arrested immediately after getting off the plane. They take her to Argent and Wiggins, who confront her with being Grendel. She denies all of it. They can't prove anything because she mailed the mask and fork back separately, so they have to let her go.

Riley hears that Brian is getting on a plane, even though Riley told him to stay in San Francisco. He runs out and gets his own ticket.

Regina finds Chris at her apartment and they bond over what she's been through. Regina sympathizes. She says Brian is with her, and Christine is worried; she didn't want him to get hurt more by any of this.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happens. Riley shows up at Brian's hotel and beats the hell out of him. When Chris and Ginny arrive, Chris is furious. She leaves abruptly and gets her Grendel mask and fork from the locker she mailed it to. She had wanted to leave the identity of Grendel behind her, but now she takes it up once again.

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