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Tujiro comes up on Christine from behind, but she smells him and jumps away. She attacks, but he blocks the tip of her fork with the palm of his hand, then knocks her away. She starts a fire, which keeps him away, then climbs up a water tower. He teleports up there and punches at her, but misses and punches through the tower, spurting water everywhere, which hurts him. He teleports away.

Unknown to Christine, Brian Li Sung has been watching the whole time. When she calls the next day, he is angry with her and implies that he knows what is going on. She calls Regina, and talks about her stress. The insanity with Tujiro is getting to her, her son's death is getting to her, the police harassment of her friends is getting to her, her argument with Brian is getting to her.

The public awareness of the fact that there is a new Grendel is growing. People saw her leaving the scene after she fought Tujiro. People are even copying the classic Grendel white streak in their hair.

Detective Riley of the SFPD interrogates Brian, but he doesn't say anything. Christine shows up at the theater that night to try to convince Brian of the worthiness of what she's doing. She admits she's Grendel and explains that Tujiro killed her son, but leaves out that he's a vampire. Brian still can't condone what's she's doing and leaves. But when Christine is about to leave, she hears some of the other kabuki actors talking about their plans for kidnapping Brian. Reinvigorated in her quest, she goes out and bugs the kabuki tour buses.

In New York, Regina has her own interrogation with the police. In her case, she is taken to visit Captain Wiggins and, incredibly, the reclusive Argent.

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