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Christine Spar travels to San Francisco, trailing Tujiro XIV, the leader of a kabuki troupe responsible for kidnapping and possibly killing her son.

She spies on them, and goes into their theater, where she meets the stage manager, Brian Li Sung, whom she finds to be very friendly. He gets her a ticket to the show, where she once again scopes out the troupe. When Tujiro leaves, she follows him back to his hotel; now she knows where he is staying.

The next day she calls back to New York and talks to Ginny. She is disturbed to hear that the police are already looking for her in regard to the theft of Hunter Rose's mask and fork, and that they harassed Ginny. She doesn't like the fact that her actions are causing problems for her innocent friends. The police are wiretapping the call, and find out what city she is in. Argent is sure she is the new Grendel.

She follows Tujiro's bodyguards around and learns that he is visiting prostitutes. She calls Ginny again and learns the police are still looking for her. She tries to push Ginny away so she won't call back.

The next night she climbs the outside of Tujiro's hotel and breaks into his room. Inside, she finds a case of glass tubes, each containing an eyeball. She sees one she somehow knows is her son's. He must be dead; these must be the remains of many dead young boys. Then Tujiro opens the door and confronts her.

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