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    Gregory is Cain's pet gargoyle

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    Carved by a resident of the House of Mystery, Gregory was left behind in the House when his creator was seized by the curse that had driven him to the House in the first place. Gregory was taken in by the House's able caretaker, Cain, and became his loyal pet.


    Gregory was created by Jack Oleck and Jack Sparling. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery #175.

    Major Story Arcs

    House of Mystery

    Gregory lives in the House alongside Cain, and assists him in the daily running of the House and its captive stable of creators. Occasionally he is sent by Cain to track down particularly insulting readers. He also frequently devours postal workers.


    Gregory finds the severely weakened Dream and brings him up to the House of Mystery to be looked after by Cain and Abel. Later, he is the first being encountered by the infant Daniel Hall when the child enters the Dreaming. Gregory accompanies the boy to the House of Secrets, and remains for the sharing of stories.

    The Dreaming

    After Cain kills Abel again, Gregory helps Goldie return Abel's body to the House of Secrets. He defends Goldie against Cain after Goldie prevents Cain from killing Abel again. When Goldie runs away, Gregory helps to track her down. He is briefly taken hostage by Cain's wife Jumella and is wounded by her, but survives. Later, he is expelled from the House along with Cain. He lives in the House of Secrets for some time, and is left there when Cain leaves the Dreaming for Litharge. He accompanies Abel and Eve when they seek Cain's return, and remains behind in Litharge. He later returns to the Dreaming with Cain.

    Alternate Versions

    Mystik U

    A version of Gregory appears alongside his master at Mystik U.

    Powers and Abilities

    Gregory is a gargoyle, and so possesses all the traits and abilities inherent to his species. He has wings and is able to fly, as well as having the ability to breath fire. He is a competent tracker. As a resident of the Dreaming he is presumably immortal for as long as the idea of him continues to exist.


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