Gregory Wolfe

    Character » Gregory Wolfe appears in 69 issues.

    The warden at Iron Heights, a prison for super-villains just outside of Keystone City. He believes in severe punishment and despises super-villains. Current mayor of Central City.

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    Wolfe is the no-nonsense warden of Iron Heights prison. He is secretly a metahuman with the ability to affect muscles, usually to induce severe pain in his prisoners as well as guards or superheroes who cross him. He is firmly against the idea or rehabilitation of prisoners and goes out of his way to demean the Rogues and encourages his guards to administer beating on the inmates. In his own words:

    "This prison is not a revolving door. It is not here for your benefit. There is no rehabilitation program. No therapists to cry to about daddy's physical abuse or mother's drug dependencies. We don't care. You choose this path regardless."

    His attitude has earned him a degree of contempt from police and the Flash, but they accept his authority due to the necessity of keeping the villains contained.

    Wolfe is also responsible for the inhumane treatment of the "supervillain," Fallout. In order to power the facility, Wolfe had the radioactive man plugged into the prison, painfully draining the life out of him to save on costs. When the Flash discovered this, Wolfe covered up evidence and claimed that the Flash was suffering from hallucinations due to Murmur's frenzy virus.

    When the Joker used 'Joker Juice' on a number of criminals (See Joker: Last Laugh), Deadshot, Merlyn and Deadline attacked Iron Heights. Deadline went to personally dispose of the warden but Wolfe used his power to disarm the assassin and then shot him dead with his own gun.

    Post Flashpoint

    Wolfe was accused of abusing prisoners, and eventually found guilty and imprisoned in Belle Reve, but his conviction was overturned on appeal and he even successfully sued the city. Wolfe lawyers argued super-powered bad guys required super-powered discipline.

    Wolfe later ran for Mayor of Central City on a law-and-order platform, employing many "reformed" inmates on his campaign staff. He financed his campaign with kickbacks from the Mafia, in exchange for political favors and commutations in the future. However, he had no intention of keeping his promises to criminals and instead planned to turn Central City into a fascist police state.

    When Wolfe won the election his first act was to commute the sentences of the Rogues and deputized them into the Central City Police Department. He ordered them to arrest The Flash - Wally West, whom he deemed a vigilante.

    Personal Data

    • Occupation: Mayor, formerly Prison Warden
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Base of Operations: Central City
    • Height: 6'2"
    • Weight: 195 lbs/88kg
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black/Grey

    Powers & Abilities

    Gregory is a secret metahuman with vaguely defined abilities.

    • Biokinesis: Wolfe is able to cause a muscular spasm in people who are physically close to him. This spasm is painful and, depending on the person subjected to it, can be incapacitating. However, he can also loosen muscles as well; when he and Hunter Zolomon were trapped in Iron Heights during a prison break, Wolfe was able to use his powers to lessen the pain in Zolomon's injured knee so that he could run.
      • Healing: Wolfe was able to cure Heat Wave's cancer with a touch.


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