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    Working as part of an acting troupe in Canada, Gregg Taylor became the de facto playwrite of the group, so they would have something to perform. His love of old-time radio dramas eventually led him to write a campy World War II radio drama called "The Adventures of the Red Panda." Such a project was not in demand in 1999, so the project faded.

    About 5 years later, he decided to revisit the idea. Learning from the mistakes he made the first time around, Gregg rebooted the Red Panda story in "The Red Panda Adventures," a podcast audio drama set in 1930s Toronto. Adding sidekick the Flying Squirrel and taking things a little more seriously, this new venture began in October 2005 and has run consistently since. Gregg writes, directs and produces each episode, as well as stars in the show as the Red Panda himself.

    As part of this new podcast adventure, Taylor also began writing, directing, producing, and playing supporting roles in the detective audio drama series "Black Jack Justice." Both series have proven to be hits with the listening audience.

    Also a fan of pulp novels and comic books, Gregg decided to venture first into prose, to date penning four "Tales of the Red Panda" novels, one "Black Jack Justice" novel, plus the dystopian sci-fi novel "Finn's Golem" since 2009. In 2013 he made his comic book writing debut with the first three issue story arc of "The Red Panda," released digitally through MonkeyBrain Comics.

    Personal Life

    Gregg lives in Canada with his wife, Clarissa, who co-stars with him in the "Red Panda Adventures" as the Flying Squirrel, and their children.


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