Greg Weisman

    Person » Greg Weisman is credited in 183 issues.

    The creator of Gargoyles. He was also the supervising director of the Spectacular Spiderman and a producer of The Young Justice animated series.

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    Greg Weisman is a comic book artist, animation producer and writer best known for shows like The Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H. and Young Justice. He has also worked for shows such as Kim Possible, Ben 10, The Batman and several other shows.

    Personal Life

    Weisman is a former English and writing teacher and received his degrees from the Stanford University and USC. He is influenced by the style of William Shakespeare and has used it in his own works as well.


    At the age of 22, Weisman wrote a four issue mini-series for DC Comics starring Black Canary but the project was ultimately shelved as the character was being used on Mike Grell's Green Arrow series.

    In 2001, he also directed an English dub of Japanese anime OVA 3x3 Eyes .

    He is responsible for developing and producing the popular series Gargoyles, the second season of W.I.T.C.H. and The Spectacular Spider-Man series. He has worked with several other developers including Victor Cook on the Spectacular Spider-Man, Frank Paur and currently on Young Justice with Brandon Vietti. He has also provided voices for several characters including Donald Menken on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Lucas Snapper Carr on Young Justice.

    Weisman also wrote the script for DC Showcase Green Arrow that is a short included in the film Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.


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