Greg (Michel Régnier)

    Person » Greg (Michel Régnier) is credited in 507 issues.

    Writer, penciller, colorist. He wrote stories for characters like Spirou and Tintin. He also created Bernard Prince and Achille Talon.

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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    (Recueil) Pilote (Super Pocket)19681970
    (Recueil) Tintin (Sélection)1970
    (Recueil) Tintin Super19791982
    Achille Talon19662014
    Achille Talon (16/22)19771979
    Achille Talon (Publicitaire)19802001
    Achille Talon - La collection (Cobra)2011
    Achille Talon - La collection (Hachette)2013
    Achille Talon Magazine19751976
    Alice au pays des merveilles (Daluc/Turbo/Greg)1973
    As (Les)19821986
    As (Les) (16/22)19781984
    As (Les) (poche)19671968
    Babiole et Zou19812013
    Bernard Prince19691999
    Bison et Ouistiti (Les aventures de)2013
    Bolides d'argent (Les)1981
    Bronco et Pépito (Une aventure de)2014
    Bruno Brazil19931995
    Chick Bill1978
    Chick Bill (collection Chick Bill)1968
    Chick Bill (collection du Lombard)19561962
    Chick Bill (collection Jeune Europe)19631967
    Chick Bill (divers)19591960
    Chick Bill (P&T)1991
    Chick Bill (Rijperman)1983
    Clifton (1re série)19711973
    Club des "Peur-de-rien" (Le)19661986
    Cobalt (Greg/Fahrer)19761981
    comanche (en danois)1991
    Constant Souci1974
    Corentin (Cuvelier)1963
    Domino (Chéret)1979
    Doppy et Badino (Une aventure de)2011
    Drôles de messages1991
    Etoffe d'un crack ! (L')1968
    Flamme d'Argent19651968
    Flash Back1995
    Frère Boudin19771978
    Gaston (Hors-série)2016
    Go West (Greg/Derib)1979
    Haineux Gordien2015
    Jo Nuage et Kay Mac Cloud1976
    Johnny Congo19921993
    Junior (Les Nouvelles Aventures de)20112014
    Line (Cuvelier)19661979
    Luc Junior2014
    Luc Orient19691994
    Lucky Luke1986
    Marsupilami (en danois) (Spirillen)1989
    Marsupilami (Le Soir)2012
    Modeste et Pompon (Franquin)19731981
    Modeste et Pompon (Intégrale Himalaya)1988
    Mouminet et Alphonse1984
    Mésaventures de Minouche (Les)2012
    Naufragés d'Arroyoka (Les)1975
    Olivier Rameau1985
    Panthères (Les) (Greg/Aidans)19741975
    Parodies (Collectif chez Soleil)1987
    Pic et Nic19951999
    Pif (Gadget)1978
    Prudence Petitpas1987
    Rock Derby19741997
    Samedi Jeunesse1967
    Spirou (Almanachs & Album+)2007
    Spirou et Fantasio19602013
    Spirou et Fantasio (L'intégrale Version Originale)20062013
    Tiger Joe20072015
    Tintin - Divers1973
    Tintin - Pastiches, parodies & pirates2015
    Tommy Banco1974
    Zig et Puce (Greg)19651995
    Achille Talon (16/22) (en portugais)19821984
    Achille Talon (en portugais)1982
    Albert Enzian1977
    Albi ardimento19691970
    Aquiles Talón20142015
    Aventuras (coleção)1985
    Bernard Prince (en espagnol)1992
    Bernard Prince (en portugais)19701989
    Chick Bill (en portugais)19701978
    Clifton (en néerlandais)1978
    Comanche (en allemand)19911994
    Comanche (en espagnol)1992
    comanche (en finnois)2011
    Comanche (en italien)19771986
    Comanche (en néerlandais)19762012
    Comanche (en portugais)19761988
    Comanche (en serbe)20002007
    Luc Orient (en portugais)19742009
    Lucky Luke (en anglais)2016
    Lucky Luke Classics (en espagnol - Ediciones Kraken)2013
    Modesto e Pompom2005
    Modesto y Pompón2016
    Naufragos de Arroyoka (Os)1978
    Rock Derby (en portugais)19752009
    Spirou e Fantásio (en portugais)19772005
    Spirou et Fantasio (en langues régionales)2009
    Spirou et Fantasio (en langues étrangères)1977
    Spirou y Fantasio (Ediciones Junior s.a - 1982)1983
    Spirou y Fantasio (Franquin - Planeta DeAgostini 2002)2005
    Tintim (As aventuras de)1997
    Tintim (As aventuras de) (Record)1974
    Tintim - Divers (en portugais)1997
    Tintin (en chinois)19841988
    Tintin (en langues étrangères)1997
    Walter Melon1981

    Greg, whose real name is Michel Regnier, was born on May 5, 1931 in Ixelles, a municipality in Brussels. He is, however, of French nationality. From the municipal school, in a neighborhood "at risk", where his little comrades only think of beating their neighbor, he saves his skin by telling stories: every morning, we wait for him on the way to school. to find out what happens next, and he has every interest in being talented. This vocation, although a little forced at the start, will never leave him. In addition, he draws for the pleasure of Pieds Nickelés and Tarzan. At the age of 16, he wrote the humorous misadventures of Nestor and Boniface, then of the cowboy Ted Aclak in the Belgian daily Vers l'Avenir, but his drawing skills were not very striking and a good soul advised him to consult Franquin - as much to say God himself. At each interview, Franquin warmly congratulates him on the progress made, while suggesting that he improve his nose, ears, feet, and also the gentleman we see behind. Retrieving his scribbled page from top to bottom, Greg hesitates between jumping for joy and shooting himself right away. However, he progressed... In 1953, for the magazine Héroic-Albums, he created Le Chat, a kind of Batman of which he is not especially proud, but which now has collectors running. In 1954, the Journal Spirou published his adventures of Caddy (“Le Temple aux Tigres”), then of Dopy and Badino (“La grande Corrida”). In 1955, he founded the Journal de Paddy of which, under various pseudonyms, he is practically the only editor-designer. Faced with sordid financial problems, the periodical will last only 5 issues. He then joined the International Press agency, where Goscinny and Uderzo had just been fired after daring to ask for a raise... of Fleurette and ensures, after Uderzo, the revival of Luc Junior created by Sirius, Franquin entrusts him with the invention of gags of Modeste and Pompon. (For the record, Goscinny created in this series the neighbor Dubruit and Greg, the neighbor Ducrin - who never meet: we know to whom each gag belongs, which facilitates accounting...). In 1958, while writing a few Spirou and Fantasio albums for Franquin, including the famous Zorglub series, Greg covered the Universal Exhibition in Brussels and offered his surplus information to the Journal Tintin. Despite his total ignorance of the subject, he was entrusted with an automobile section and thus became one of the regular contributors to the weekly for young people aged 7 to 77. In 1963, for the magazine Vaillant (then Pif-Gadget), he launched Les As and illustrated their exploits (published in albums by Dargaud). It was at the Journal Tintin (of which he was editor-in-chief and great renovator from 1964 to 1973) that he established himself as the most eclectic and prolific author of French-language comics: more than 250 albums in total! In addition to his own publications as an illustrator, such as Rock Derby and Babiole et Zou, he produces scripts for Tibet (Chick Bill, Les Peur-de-Rien), Cuvelier (Corentin, Flamme d'Argent, Line), Chéret ( Domino), Aidans (The Panthers), Mittéï (Rouly-la-Brise), Derib (Go West), Auclair (The Castaways of Arroyoka), Fährer (Cobalt), Dupa (Chlorophylle), Turk and de Groot (Clifton) , Maréchal (Prudence Petitpas) and many others... For Le Lombard, he mainly wrote 16 Luc Orient albums for Paape, 11 Bruno Brazil albums for Vance, 13 Bernard Prince albums for Hermann and 2 for Dany, 10 albums by Comanche for Hermann, 11 albums by Olivier Rameau (his favorite series) for Dany... Without forgetting, of course, the 42 albums published by Dargaud devoted to the convoluted states of mind of Achille Talon who is born in Pilote in the following way: in 1963, when Greg had just taken over (for 5 albums) Alain Saint-Ogan's Zig et Puce, Goscinny telephoned him. It needs one-page gags, likely to jump out at the last minute to make room for an ad. It's the kind of favor you can only ask of a friend... Greg sticks to it and creates Achille Talon. A few months later, Goscinny calls him back and says to him in substance: "Since your imbecile has been in the newspaper, all the readers' letters speak like him, now you are two pages and a fortnight late." This is how Achille went from the unenviable status of stopgap to that of star! At the same time, the Americans want to launch a series of TV cartoons whose hero would be Tintin. As Hergé does not speak English well, he asks Greg to accompany him to the screening of the pilot film. The light goes out, a guy with a big T on his T-shirt invades the screen and yells: “My name is Tintin” (pronounce Tine-Tine). Hergé soberly says “Cut!” and requires a screenwriter to work for him. This is how in 1969, for the Belvision Studios in Brussels, Greg adapted The Seven Crystal Balls and The Temple of the Sun into a single animated feature film, then wrote the original script for a second cinema film, Tintin and the Lake. to Sharks, in 1971. Literary director at Dargaud editions since 1975, Greg moved to New York with the aim of promoting European comics there, as head of the American office of Dargaud editions. He also works on the scripts of a few television series, as a specialist in the "picturesque" French seen from America... As he has spare time, he writes six thrillers for Le Fleuve Noir, where he mixes what he knows of the PJ and the New York police. Rewarded with the most prestigious international prizes for his various productions, winner of the Grand Prix of Graphic Arts awarded in Angoulême in 1987 and consecrated "Giant of comics" in 1992 by the Belgian Chamber of Experts in Comics, Greg is also promoted Chevalier of Arts and Letters by the French Minister of Culture François Léotard in 1988, and Knight of the Order of Leopold by King Baudouin I of Belgium the same year, then Officer of Arts and Letters in 1999 by Minister Catherine Trautmann. In 1991, Greg started the Colby series with Michel Blanc-Dumont and relaunched Comanche with Michel Rouge at Dargaud. In 1992, Aidans illustrated a 16th album by Bernard Prince for Blanco editions and Paape put images of the adventures of Johnny Congo created for Lefrancq editions. In 1995, reissue of Zig et Puce by Glénat. In 1993, the thirtieth birthday of his cult hero Achille Talon was the occasion for many festivities throughout France and Belgium. From 1994, Le Lombard reissued its prodigious adventures of Bernard Prince drawn by Hermann and Bruno Brazil drawn by Vance. Greg sold the rights to Achille Talon to Dargaud editions in 1997, the same year Canal broadcast the animated series, of which Greg wrote the French adaptation. In January 1999, the Angoulême festival celebrated his talent by devoting a retrospective exhibition to him, entitled “ABCDEF… Greg! ". The following month, Dialogue without bubbles was published by Dargaud: an important collection of interviews collected and illustrated by Benoît Mouchart. Greg died on October 29, 1999. Text and photo © Dargaud


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