Greg Mallory

    Character » Greg Mallory appears in 38 issues.

    Mysterious figure & the original leader of The Boys.

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    Greg D. Mallory is a Lieutenant Colonel who has fought in the World War II and has started the original Boys. He has never fully appeared, always choosing to remain in shadows or behind other characters. He does not want to return to the team because his involvement with the Boys the first time around got his granddaughter killed by the Lamplighter. Mallory had later shot Lamplighter in the head for revenge. He helps the team by researching the supers for weaknesses. Mallory and Butcher mutually dislike each other, although manage to tolerate each other's presence. Mallory remains in secret contact with Mother's Milk. He met Hughie in his disguise as an old British gentleman called Alistair Vigors.

    In Other Media

    The Boys(Amazon series)

    A female version of the character named Grace Mallory appeared in the show. She is portrayed by Laila Robbins.


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