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    Greg Farshtey is a writer and editor working for Lego who created the Bionicle storyline. In the comic world, he is most recognized for creating Bionicle.

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    Career and Current Life 

    Greg first wrote for his high school in their newsletter "Lunatic News and World Report". Once out of college, he worked for West End games as a reporter, sports editor and eventually secured a full-time editor position. With roleplaying, he created the Bloodhsadows and Shatterzone roleplay worlds along with over thirty-five RPG books. He also wrote three novels entitled The River of God, Hell's Feast and Demon's Dream along with a couple of short stories.  
    In 2000, Greg joined the Lego group and started out writing for Lego Mania magazine and the Bionicle comic series. Currently, Greg writes and edits bi-monthly for Lego Club, Lego Club Jr., and Lego Brickmaster magazines. His current official position at the Lego Company is the Editorial Director for the Community Education Direct division.

    Greg also makes appearances (yearly) at the San Diego Comic-Con, and is available to visit bookstores and libraries.


    Greg's different works include the Bionicle comics, all volumes years 2001-2010, when he decided to cut off his contract with Lego, which lasted through 2015 (although he supposedly wrote the story up until 2011), and various books, novels and film works. His works have been translated from English to various languages including French, Chinese, Russian, German and Polish.  

    The River of God: Shatterzone (1992) 
    Hell's Feast (1994)
    Shadows of Selastos: Bloodshadows (1995) 
    Sick Little Sagas: Tales from the Crypt (1996)
    The Legend Reborn (2009) 
    Demon's Dream


    1. Escape from Sentai Mountain (2006) 
    2. Attack of the Robots (2006) 
    3. Search for the Golden City (2007) 
    4. Ghost of the Past (2007) 
    5. Race to the Golden City (2007) 
    6. Golden Doom (2007) 
    7. Jungle of Danger (2008) 
    Exo-Force Collector's Guide (2007)

    Aysle: The Sourcebook of Magical Reality (1990) 
    Nippon Tech: The Sourcebook of Mega-corporate Reality (1991)

    Queenswrath (1990)

    Full Moon Draw (1991) 
    High Lord of Earth (1991) 
    Space Gods (1991) 

    Other books

    Shattered and Other Stories (1994) 
    The American Revolution (2003)


    Bionicle: Mask of Light (2003)
    Bionicle: Legends of Metru Nui (2004)
    Bionicle: Web of Shadows (2005)
    Bionicle: The Legend Reborn (2009)



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