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Original Team: Boy Millionaires

Original Green Team
Original Green Team

Joe Simon and Jerry Grandenetti introduced the team in the try-out comic 1st Issue Special appearing in issue #2. Follow up stories were written but never published before appearing in Canceled Comics Cavalcade. The team would later make small cameos in titles such as Ambush Bug and Animal Man in reference to their obscurity.

Team Members:

New 52: Teen Trillionaires

New 52
New 52

The group was revived alongside sister title The Movement with a modern re-branding, this time known as the Teen Trillionaires. Most of the original team returned in some form but all were given updated revamps. The characters Cecil Sunbeam and Abdul Smith were re-imagined as Cecilia Sunbeam and Mohammed Qahtanii respectively.

Team Members:

  • Commodore Murphy - nicknamed "64" because of the 64 trillion dollars he is due to inherit when he turns 21. He is the leader of the group with a desire to turn his money toward to superheroics.
  • J.P. Houston - Much like his original version, he remains from a wealthy Texas oil family.
  • Lucia Lynn "L. L." Houston - Brother of J.P. who hangs out with the Green Team.
  • Cecilia Sunbeam - A famous actress and the girlfriend of Commodore Murphy. She takes her pet cat everywhere with her.
  • Mohammed Qahtanii - The youngest member and a prince.

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